No Deposit Poker Bonuses

October 16, 2017

Poker is among the popular games played in the casino especially by the youngsters. The increased number of poker players is due to its ease of availability online. This online poker comes with lots of levels which the player can adjust to according to his/her skill level. As a result, it has become one of the most addicting game in online casino community.

If you have ever played online you probably would have heard the term – no deposit poker. A lot of poker websites offer this kind of free play but will never reveal the entire information to the players at one go. Here in this article we will explain you the meaning of no deposit poker bonus and how to use it wisely.

In laymen language, it means free poker game. When you play poker online, you are given 2 choices to play this game – either using real money or using game money. In no deposit poker bonus, you get to play for real money that is given to you by the poker rooms without having to worry about the loss. When you play online, you need to carefully read the term that is used- “deposit poker bonus” or “no deposit poker bonus” both may seem similar but are completely different terms. In “Deposit poker bonus” you are given a certain percentage of free game money equivalent to the amount you have deposited in the game account. In no deposit poker bonus you don’t have to use your money at all and are given free game money to start the game.

For example – when you play a “no deposit poker” game you will get some amount credited to your account. You can start the poker game using this money that you have got. This is a risk free game, you can play without involving your money. You can even withdraw this money but there is always a catch in every free thing you get, so its better to read the terms of use before playing. Some of the poker websites does not allow you to withdraw the money unless you have played for a certain amount. Some even put a cap on the total amount you can withdraw for e.g. some only let you withdraw 50% of the amount you have in your account and that too after the requirements have been met.

Another requirement that some of the poker websites have is that before you can withdraw the amount, you have to deposit a token amount. So it is important that you check the terms associated with the bonus and how to claim it before you start playing, otherwise what is the benefit if you can withdraw the money.

Not the question that may rise in your mind- “why would they offer free money?” The answer is simple – “ to attract new players”. The free money these poker sites offer are some of the owners money which they use as a part of meeting strategy. If they give away a little amount to gain new players, then in the long run, they gain lots of profit from the new players. When a new players decides to play poker online there is always a hesitation to try out using their own money, and when they get a chance to play for free, the poker site gains new customer.

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